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what is a subsidiary diploma

What is a Subsidiary Diploma?

A Subsidiary Diploma is a vocational qualification that is equivalent to one A-level. It is designed to give students the practical skills and theoretical knowledge required to pursue a career in a specific industry or sector. This type of diploma is usually taken alongside other qualifications, such as A-levels or additional vocational qualifications, and can provide a well-rounded education for those looking to enter the workforce or further their studies at a higher education institution.

Key Features of a Subsidiary Diploma

Subsidiary Diplomas are typically offered in a wide range of subjects, including business, health and social care, engineering, IT, and more. These qualifications are often assessed through a combination of coursework, practical assessments, and exams, allowing students to demonstrate their understanding and skills in a variety of ways.

Advantages of Pursuing a Subsidiary Diploma

One of the main benefits of obtaining a Subsidiary Diploma is the practical experience and industry-specific knowledge it provides. This can make graduates highly employable and ready to enter the workforce directly after completing their studies. Additionally, Subsidiary Diplomas can also be a pathway to higher education, with many universities and colleges accepting them as entry qualifications for degree programs.

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How to Pursue a Subsidiary Diploma

Students can pursue a Subsidiary Diploma through a variety of educational institutions, including colleges and sixth forms. It is important to research the specific requirements and entry criteria for the chosen diploma, as well as any additional qualifications or subjects that may be recommended or required. Some Subsidiary Diplomas may also offer the option to study part-time or through distance learning, providing flexibility for those with other commitments.

Career Opportunities with a Subsidiary Diploma

Upon completion of a Subsidiary Diploma, graduates can explore a range of career opportunities within their chosen industry. This may include entry-level positions, apprenticeships, or further training and development in a specific field. The practical skills and knowledge gained from the diploma can also provide a strong foundation for pursuing higher education in a related subject.


What is a Subsidiary Diploma?

A Subsidiary Diploma is a vocational qualification equivalent to one A-level, providing practical skills and industry-specific knowledge.

Can I pursue a Subsidiary Diploma alongside other qualifications?

Yes, many students choose to take a Subsidiary Diploma alongside A-levels or additional vocational qualifications to gain a well-rounded education.

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Are Subsidiary Diplomas recognized by universities?

Yes, many universities and colleges accept Subsidiary Diplomas as entry qualifications for degree programs.

What career opportunities are available with a Subsidiary Diploma?

Graduates of Subsidiary Diplomas can explore entry-level positions, apprenticeships, or further training within their chosen industry.

Can I study a Subsidiary Diploma part-time or through distance learning?

Some Subsidiary Diplomas offer flexible study options, including part-time and distance learning, to accommodate students’ needs.

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